Guest Author Guidelines

Guest Author Guidelines

Getting publicity can be scary. That’s why I’d like to work with you—my newest guest author.

Every month, I’m going to feature an up-and-coming horror author. Maybe you have a new novel on the horizon. Maybe you’ve been working on your short story game. Whatever the case, I’m interested!

For every featured guest author, I will publish an excerpt from an upcoming novel/project or a short story (author’s preference) as well as an interview.

Ultimately, the goal here is manifold. I’d selfishly like to meet new authors, but at the same time I’d like to promote authors who may need just another bit of press for their spooky, otherworldly, weird work.

Submission Guidelines

Here are some basic things-to-know before submitting:

  • For any guest author request, you must first submit a cover letter as well as the novel excerpt/story you’d like to showcase.
  • Fiction pieces (stories or excerpts) should generally be 1000–2500 words.
  • Once I select to work with you, I will then send you interview questions along with a tentative publishing schedule for your posts.
  • During your time as guest author, you will have to share your novel excerpt/story and your interview on your blog/social media/other methods you use to bend weak humans to your will.
  • If that doesn’t happen, I will simply remove the posts. So please, do share.

So! That was all more brusque than I like. If you’re still interested, please email me at with the following subject line:

“Guest Author Submission – [Your Name] – [Title of Your Novel/Short Story]”

Your email should contain:

  • A cover letter with a little about yourself
  • The excerpt/story you’d like to feature

Please include both the cover letter and excerpt in the body of the email. No attachments!

Now, let’s review some of the deliverables.

The Excerpt/Story

Give me your best phantasm.

If you’re sending an excerpt, make it juicy. Please don’t send a prologue—unless it’s bloody damn good. Take us to the action. Give us some bloodlust. Get my readers excited about your work.

For stories, I’d prefer to feature longer form pieces (but not too long!) over flash fiction. However, if you have a kickass piece of flash that chomps on brains and leaves a trail… it’s welcome here.

Caveat: I will not post anything that depicts sexual and/or graphic violence, especially to women and folks in underrepresented communities. Plain and simple.

Again, each piece should (preferably) be between 1000–2500 words. Read other guest posts to see what I’ve published in the past.

The Interview

The first part of the interview is a set of questions I will ask every guest author, including:

  1. What’s your origin story?
  2. Why write horror?
  3. What authors/works influence you now?
  4. Tell us a little bit about [your work]
  5. What are you working on next?

Based on your cover letter and excerpt/story, I will ask other followup questions and sprinkle them throughout like demon spores waiting for a delectable host. Check out some other interviews I’ve done in the past.

Final Thoughts

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at I certainly won’t bite.

I do believe that, together, we can share our nightmares with the world.

So send your nightmares my way.