I have fond memories of every project I’ve worked on. Nothing beats a great collaboration. Like to hear what that sounds like? Have a listen below!

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Ludicrous Text Adventures:
Worthless Dirt Boys (2021)

  • Type: Text Adventure
  • Creator: Hershall Cook and Neil Floyd
  • Summary: “Your teen baseball team, the Worthless Dirt Boys, has lost to America’s Perfect Boys every year since 1922. Can you give your underdogs a fighting chance with steroids, guns, and blood magic? Explore 5+ endings, branching romance, ludicrous training exercises, and more in this absurdly funny narrative RPG.” — from Newgrounds
  • Role: Composer
  • Reception: Frontpaged and received Daily 3rd Place on Newgrounds

“Dirtville (Day Theme)”

“Dirtville (Night Theme)”

“Game Day!”

FrostRunner (2019)

  • Type: 3D First-Person Platformer
  • Creator: Think Arcade
  • Summary:FrostRunner is a first-person platformer ‘speedrunning’ game, where the player rapidly completes platforming challenges before the timer runs out.” — from Steam
  • Role: Composer
  • Reception: Over 2.5k overwhelmingly positive reviews

“Ice Flow (Main Theme)”

Garden Life (2020)

  • Type: Garden Simulator
  • Creator: Joe Frizzell
  • Summary: Sometimes, ya just have a hankering for watering plants and 🌱 watching them grow 🌺
  • Role: Composer + Sound Designer

“Day Theme/Night Theme”

Blood Bath & Beyond (2020)

  • Type: Text Adventure
  • Creator: Neil Floyd
  • Summary: “A fantasy text adventure into the dark heart of retail” — Neil Floyd, author
  • Role: Composer
Blood Bath and Beyond, screen

The Customer is Always Dead

Interstellar Racing League (2018)

  • Type: 3D Racing
  • Creator: SMU Guildhall
  • Summary:Interstellar Racing League is a 4-player couch competitive splitscreen racing game in a futuristic sci-fi setting” — Gerald Milton, game producer
  • Role: Composer

“The Race Chooses You (Main Theme)”

Sidekicks Never Win (2018)

  • Type: Text Adventure
  • Creator: Hershall Cook
  • Summary: “No one ever cared about the sidekick. Until now” — from Newgrounds
  • Role: Composer

“Main Theme”

“We Call It Derpy Suave

After tirelessly listening to all of those sweet tunes… you cool to collaborate?