Alex Grover

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Hi! I’m Alex Grover, and I help game developers connect music to their vision.

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Demo Reel

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Alex at the keyboard with bobbing multicolored notes

I’m currently taking on new freelance projects!

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Hershall Cook: When Goats Join Cults and Others

Hershall Cook

Alex brings your vision to life. There’s no other way to say it. From warbling dungeon melodies to zany river jazz, he consistently impresses with his exceptional music. At the end of the day, I look for three things in a composer: talent, timeliness, and collaboration. Alex has all three in spades.

Hershall Cook, Producer

Neil Floyd: Blood Bath & Beyond

Alex delivered exceptional drafts in a timely fashion, but he was more than just a hired gun… he was instrumental (pun intended?) in the creative development of the track, striking the perfect balance between giving me what I asked for and suggesting his own ideas. He made this project his own (and took ownership) in a way that any creator would be thrilled to see.

Neil Floyd, Author

The adorable pixel gif above (depicting yours truly) is by none other than Grace Howson. Check out her stuff at!